We, CO SO CHAU TUAN (Brand: Chautuan Straw Hat) is located at the heart of traditional village in the South of Vietnam. Our main products are all kind of straw hat such as for men, for lady, etc which are made by hand from natural materials as palm leaf, sea grass and rush. 


With the aim at creating more jobs for the poor women in the village and making contribution to the poverty eliminating, we welcome all of you even you are the wholesalers, retailers, importers oversea and domestic trading companies.  

Once doing business with us you are enjoy:


-          The best price 

-          On time delivery

-          Good Quality

-          All the design or color can be adjusted to meet your own styles

Doing business with us, you created the job for the poor women in the village, retaining and developing the traditional village

Hope that you will be satisfied with our product and services